Welcome to AccelintTM

Accelint is a unified organization powered by the collaboration of five industry leaders: Forward Slope, Highbury Defense Group, Hypergiant, SoarTech and Systems Innovation Engineering.

Our comprehensive AI-forward solutions are designed to deliver the situational awareness, agility, and resilience necessary to maintain a decisive edge in increasingly complex environments.

While the name might be new, for more than 20 years, we have been tackling the nation's toughest challenges in command-and-control, adaptive AI, and sensor technologies for the defense market. Bringing together our expertise, innovation, and resources, we are accelerating intelligence around the world.

New website launching Summer 2024.

We could not be more excited to build upon the great legacies of FSI, Highbury Defense, Hypergiant, SoarTech and SIE. Each of these companies brings a unique skill set that, when unified under our shared vision, has the capacity to change the world. Accelint represents a force for good for the United States and its allies. We’re forging a brighter future, together.

Mike Betzer, President of Accelint


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